Our wide range of presentation services can benefit many different departments in your organisation.

Presentation Design

Whether it’s creating slides from scratch or providing an existing PowerPoint presentation makeover, our designers will transform your business presentations into powerful visual aids.

PowerPoint Templates

If you need to improve consistency across your company’s PowerPoint presentations our corporate template service will give you consistent formatting and layout.

We will create bespoke PowerPoint templates and masters which follow your corporate brand guidelines and ensure a professional look and feel, consistent application of colours, typefaces, tone and style.

And, as a full service brand and design agency we can also help with defining or refreshing your company’s brand and creating that all-important set of brand guidelines.

Content Planning

Do you know what you want to say, but need a little help with the structure of your presentation content? Our business presentation consultants are experts at developing content based on your information and existing materials. We have the know-how to enable you to deliver concise and engaging content that will make your audience sit up and listen.

Our presentation consulting and editorial services include:

  • Storyboarding
  • Copywriting
  • Content editing
  • Script writing


If you need to explain something involved and complicated a visual representation of your information or data will get the message across! An infographic will help your audience quickly grasp and process your content in a way that is more effective than words or pictures alone. Our designers are experience visual thinkers and work with you to determine the most appropriate level of visual concept; whether that be graphics, diagrams or animated Flash infographics.


Videos can be a great marketing tool, whether it’s a live event, training videos, promotional clips or interviews, or maybe even something more creative like a short film, TV production or VFX. Read Information…


Create impact with the addition of dynamic animation. Animated presentations and motion graphics video are ideal for websites, marketing, and exhibition displays. They can also be incorporated into PowerPoint presentations for a lasting impression.